Gameplay Reel Shot Breakdown

*** Updated May 2022 ***
Combination of keyframe and motion capture animations. Includes animations from New World, Halo 4, Destiny and Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.


Responsible for all animation using Autodesk Maya.

0:04 - New World: Great Hammer Slam (Keyframe)
0:10 - New World: Great Hammer Swing (Keyframe)
0:11 - New World: Sword Embue (Keyframe)
0:14 - New World: Bow AOE Fire (Keyframe)
0:18 - New World: Staff Fireball Throw (Keyframe)
0:22 - New World: Staff AOE Spell attack (Keyframe)
0:25 - New World: Staff Spell Attack (Keyframe)
0:28 - New World: Enemy Sword Heavy Attack (Motion Capture)
0:31 - New World: Enemy Sword Stab Attack (Motion Capture)
0:33 - New World: NPC Emote (Motion Capture)
0:40 - Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare: Climbing into Goliath in multiplayer (Keyframe)
0:44 - Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare: XMG weapon ready, fire, reload and camera (Keyframe)
0:53 - Halo 4: Hit Reaction (Motion Capture / Keyframe)
0:56 - Halo 4: Hit Reaction (Motion Capture / Keyframe)
0:59 - Halo 4: Saw Weapon ready, fire, reload (Keyframe)
1:06 - Destiny - Walk navigation transitions that will match poses to walk or idle (Motion Capture)
1:15 - Destiny: Character walk-in and gun play (Motion Capture / Some Keyframe)
1:20 - Destiny: Team of guardians spawning. Responsible for layout and timing (Motion Capture / Some Keyframe)
1:27 - Destiny: Hive and Cabal Hit Reactions (Keyframe)
1:34 - Destiny: Player Hit Reaction (Keyframe) 
1:37 - Destiny: Player Death (Keyframe / Some Motion Capture)
1:39 - Destiny: Player Dance Emote (Motion Capture)

Rigs provided by 343 Industries, Bungie, Sledgehammer Games and Amazon Games Studio.
Music from Destiny game soundtrack, "The Warmind".

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