S H O T   B R E A K D O W N

Combination of keyframe and motion capture animation. Includes animations from 'Destiny' and 'Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare' plus some personal work.

Responsible for all animation using Autodesk Maya.

0:03 - Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare - climbing into Goliath in multiplayer (keyframe).
0:07 - Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare - XMG weapon ready, fire, reload and camera (keyframe).
0:16 - Destiny - Walk naviga tion transitions that will match poses to walk or idle (motion capture).
0:26 - Elite walk cycle (keyframe)
0:30 - Run cycle and run to stop transition (keyframe)
0:33 - Destiny - Character walk-in and gun play. (motion capture with some keyframe).
0:38 - Destiny - Team of guardians spawning. Responsible for layout and timing (motion capture with keyframe).
0:46 - Destiny - Hive wake/spawn (keyframe).
0:48-0:53 - Destiny - Hive and Cabal hit reactions (keyframe).
0:53 - Destiny - Player hit reaction (keyframe).
0:57 - Destiny - Player death (a little motion capture, mostly keyframe).
1:00 - Destiny - Player dance emotes. Combined multiple mocap shots into one long shot that was later used for different game emotes (motion capture).
1:07 - Destiny - Player clap emote (motion capture).

Rigs provided by 343 Industries, Bungie, Sledgehammer Games and Kiel Figgins.

Music from Destiny game soundtrack, "The Warmind".

Contact me at Victor at TorVez dot com

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