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About Victor

Victor didn't grow up wanting to be an animator. He wanted to be an "artist" and live in a big city doing “artistic stuff”, not having any real idea what that meant. After the first few years of art classes at the University of New Mexico, he got interested in computers and engineering and switched focus to Civil Engineering and then Information Technology. Victor obtained his Microsoft Systems Engineering certification, moved to Seattle, WA and started working at Microsoft.

After almost a decade of IT and management work, Victor found himself unemployed — just one of thousands that were laid off from Microsoft in 2009. He decided he was ready for something different — something more creative and artistic and wanted to use this opportunity to change careers. A friend recommended computer animation.

He started exploring animation as a real option. It had an interesting mixture of creativity, technology, and acting — three areas of interest that he hadn't considered existing in a single career. After a couple of weeks, Victor was accepted as a student at and dedicated the next 18 months to character animation as a full-time student. As it turned out, his dream of living in a big city and doing “artistic stuff” was just a matter of time.

Almost two years later, Victor was animating at 343 Industries doing gameplay animation on Halo 4…, and loving it. He went to school for film animation, but found that he enjoyed working in game animation. So far, Victor has worked on:

Halo 4 at 343 Industries

Destiny at Bungie

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare at Sledgehammer Games

Rise of the Tomb Raider at Crystal Dynamics

Firefall at Red 5 Studios

New World at Amazon Game Studios

Perfect Dark at The Initiative

He's currently a Senior Gameplay Animator at Undead Labs, an XBox Game Studio, working on the game State of Decay 3.

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